How Can We Help?

Our counsellors are here to help, so if you are unsure if therapy will be suitable for you or your child we can discuss this with you.

You can either call or email in confidence and one of our team will get back to you.

What is counselling and how can it help?

  • Therapy sessions are 50 minutes long and the frequency can be agreed with your counsellor. You will be listened to, without judgement by someone with professional training and experience to understand the issues you struggle with.
  • Open-ended psychotherapy works at depth to explore early years, supports changes to unhelpful patterns and can work towards goals for your future. Depending on your needs therapy can be a long term investment in yourself.
  • Short-term solution focused counselling is a future, goal directed approach to solving problems. Working together to identify your personal resources and strengths, to overcome your current difficulties. As a guide you will need to plan for a minimum of six sessions.
  • Counselling can be thought of as a unique type of relationship between a client and therapist to help you explore life’s challenges, feel supported and work together towards change.
  • It provides a consistent space to process thoughts, feelings and behaviours which can help you understand past/present experiences or future concerns.

Why do people seek counselling?

Our aim is to support you in any changes you may wish to make. These might include improving your mood, increasing your enjoyment of friendships/relationships, boosting your quality of sleep and giving encouragement in making work-life decisions.

We support:





Feeling Stuck

School, College, or Work Issues

Relationship Difficulties

Family Life



Panic Attacks


Confidence / Self Esteem

Lack of Meaning

Understanding your Identity

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